Dress Code

Sixth Avenue Elementary School Dress Code Policy


Uniforms are not be required at Sixth Avenue Elementary. Please follow these dress code guidelines:


  • Must have sleeves that cover the top of the shoulder (No sleeveless shirts including, but not limited to tank-tops, spaghetti straps or muscle shirts)
  • Must not be revealing (No low-cut or midriff baring shirts)


  • Shorts and skirts must be no shorter than 4 inches above the knee or shorter than the length of the fingertips from the knee
  • No sagging


  • No clothing or accessories that are offensive, see through, gang related, or that may disrupt the learning environment.
  • No headwear including hats, caps, do-rags, or bandanas, except those worn for religious reasons.
  • Parents will be contacted when these dress codes are not followed.
  • Sixth Avenue Elementary reserves the right to determine the appropriateness of student clothing.


    • 1st violation – verbal warning
    • 2nd violation – verbal warning and written reminder
    • 3rd violation – parent phone call by classroom teacher
    • 4th violation – classroom teacher communicates to administrators or Behavior TOSA so they can have a conversation with the parents