Sixth Avenue Elementary School is not responsible for personal items brought from home.  This includes cell phones, electronics, toys, clothing, jewelry, etc. Teachers have the right to confiscate any items that are a distraction to learning.  Parents will be required to personally collect any confiscated items.

Address Change
If you move or change your home or work phone number, please notify the office immediately of the change

Lost and Found
The lost and found bin will be emptied on a monthly basis and items left behind will be sent to a deserving charity.

Closing of School
In the event of inclement weather or other emergencies that should force the District to close the schools or have an early dismissal, please listen for detailed information on local television and radio stations.

We love dogs, but not at school. Please leave dogs at home when coming to pick up or drop off your child at school.

Childcare Program
Our before and after school childcare program is called YMCA. For hours, prices and program details, please call 720-524-2792.


•           School begins at 8:40 am with our tardy bell ringing at 8:45am.

•           All students who walk or are brought to school should enter through the gate on Zion St. Parents are asked to drop students at the gate and not enter the playground area.

•           The gate closes at 8:40 am.  When the first bell rings, students who arrive late should then enter through the main entrance.

•           Traffic barriers and staff will be in place to limit traffic in the parking lot for both arrival and dismissal times.

•           The bus loop is for busses only.  Please do not park or drive through the bus loop at any time.

 Afternoon Pick-up Procedure

•           Please notify the office of any changes in your student’s dismissal plan before 2:45pm.

•           Students are dismissed at 3:15pm with instruction continuing until the bell.  In order to maximize instructional time and maintain an orderly school environment and safe dismissal, no student may be checked out of the office between 2:45 p.m. and 3:15 p.m. unless it is an emergency or due to an appointment.

•           The front entrance is for bus rider dismissal only at 3:15.  Parents are not permitted to pick up their child from the main entrance, only from Zion Street.

•           Our bus drivers have limited visibility and cannot see when students or parents are crossing between the busses.  Thus, it is strictly forbidden to cross between the busses due to the safety concerns.

•           Traffic barriers and staff will be in place to limit traffic in the parking lot for both arrival and dismissal times.

Parking Drop off and Pick Up 
We are expecting all parents and drivers to respect and abide by traffic laws. We will be enlisting the help of law enforcement throughout the year. 

Volunteering at Sixth Avenue
Please consider becoming a part of our Sixth Avenue family by volunteering at our school.  If you would like to volunteer at Sixth Avenue, please obtain the Volunteer Approval Request form from our main office prior to going to the Security department.  This form needs to be signed by the Principal.  There are many ways to volunteer, please email our family liaison, Antonia Lopez,   for more information

Parents are asked not to bring treats or favors for their child’s birthday.

Dress Code

Next year uniforms will not be required at Sixth Avenue Elementary. Please follow these dress code guidelines:


  • Must have sleeves that cover the top of the shoulder (No sleeveless shirts including, but not limited to tank-tops, spaghetti straps or muscle shirts)
  • Must not be revealing (No low-cut or midriff  baring shirts)


  • Shorts and skirts must be no shorter than 4 inches above the knee or shorter than the length of the fingertips from the knee
  • No sagging


  • No clothing or accessories that are offensive, see through, gang related, or that may disrupt the learning environment.
  • No headwear including hats, caps, do-rags, or bandanas, except those worn for religious reasons.
  • Parents will be contacted when these dress codes are not followed.
  • Sixth Avenue Elementary reserves the right to determine the appropriateness of student clothing.


    • 1st violation – verbal warning
    • 2nd violation – verbal warning and written reminder
    • 3rd violation – parent phone call by classroom teacher
    • 4th violation – classroom teacher communicates to administrators or Behavior TOSA so they can have a conversation with the parents

Toys, balls, electronic games, walk-mans, and other personal belongings must remain at home unless brought to school with permission from the teacher. Items not permitted at school will be taken by an adult and given to the principal. Items may be returned to the parent.

"Walk Your Wheels"
All students and adults must "walk their wheels" on school grounds. That includes bicycles, skateboards, rollerblades, skateshoes, and scooters.

Weapons of any kind will not be tolerated at school and will result in serious disciplinary action.