Mission- In partnership with our community, we empower students to believe in themselves, be courageous, think critically, and contribute to their community.

Core Values
People - We believe in being and creating lifelong learners that are open to new experience and possibilities.
Achievement - We believe achievement comes when student’s academic needs are met in a safe environment that respects their cultural differences.
Community - We believe the community of Sixth Avenue Elementary should celebrate diverse identities in classroom, school, and on the global multicultural practices into classroom routines and by welcoming community members to participate.
Environment - We believe we need a positive and safe learning environment that is built on respect and trust and honors diverse background to foster character growth

2013-2014 School Performance Framework

2013-2014 Climate Survey Results
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2012-2013 Climate Survey Results
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2011-2012 School Unified Improvement Plan
Sixth Ave 7932 2011-12 revised UIP

Sixth Ave 2011-12 UIP

2011-2012 Climate Survey Results
Sixth Avenue Licensed Staff Climate Survey 11-12
Licensed Overall School Ranking 11-12

2010-2011 Climate Survey Results
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Overall School Ranking

Sixth Avenue Elementary School Profile

    • Sixth Avenue has 549 students in grades P-5. Sixth Avenue is a preschool site.

    • Sixth Avenue has 69 staff members.

    • Sixth Avenue’s student population is 0.7% Native American, 2.7% Asian, 18.8% Black, 62.7% Hispanic, 9.3% White, 2.2% Native Hawaiian/Pacific Islander and 3.6% two or more races.

    • Sixth Avenue students are:  55.7% English Language Learners, 1.1% Gifted/Talented, 10.4% SPED, 83.6% Free or Reduced Lunch.